so I have this little job…

it’s small and very funny*

Okay it’s not so small but it’s called by a web service which updates a table that fires a trigger that starts the job(not my design) which updates an activity table and also starts my SSIS packages spinning. But I also want the job to fire, should the web service fail to call it.

All in all it seems really messy. I need to make it cleaner.

Also, SQL server 2008 offers a beautiful job status API however  helpdesk has no access to my production server to use it to see what happened to a failed job at 3am. So I need it in a format that someone who has very little access to the database to see.

I once wrote an ASP web application that would take all job status and show a green, yellow, or red light on the page depending on the health of the job. I may have to do something like that again. Unless there’s something already out there that would save me the work.

So those are my two big questions for now. Input is welcome. :)


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  1. Will they be alerted when the job fails?

    One option would be to log the job output to a text file if you have a way to give the helpdesk access to the files.

    February 24th, 2009

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